The Undergraduates/Graduates Training Scheme involves 6 weeks of electronic classroom training for undergraduates and  graduates of selected tertiary institutions in Africa on Employability  Skills, Entrepreneurship Development and Financial Intelligence with contents prepared by veteran and proficient business facilitators and consultant.


Employability Skills

Becoming Employable, Personal Branding, Qualities that Organizations Look out for, Pathways to Career Development, Building a Professional CV.

Entrepreneurship Development

Creating a Business Idea, starting a Business, maintaining a Business, Business Acumen, Business Mindset, The Money Tree, Writing Business Plan and Proposals, how to access BoI and BoA fund.

Financial Intelligence

Lessons of the Books, Rich Dad, Poor Dad and Money Won’t Make You Rich


1. Prospective participants are expected to fill an electronic from through the Centre’s official website www.ced.thelearnaholicsacademy.org/apply.

2. Entries starts 15th July – 16th August, 2019.

3. Successful applicants will be contacted after the registration closes.

4. Successful applicants will be required to pay a sum of ten US dollars ($10) (eg 3600NGN) which covers registration, course materials and certificate.

5. Registration ID and password will be sent to those in (4) above to access the Academy’s eClassroom at http://thelearnaholicsacademy.org/eclassroom

6. Participants will be required to take all modules of the course and score above 60% in the quiz as a pass mark.

7. Participants will also be added to a close WhatsApp group for daily interaction with facilitators.

8. Training uses Text, Audio and Video resources

9. On completion, participants will be award award certificates with special trackable ID.


We have adopted Catchment areas on selection of participants from all regions in Africa.

All applicants, approved or disapproved will be contacted.

24/7 support via

WhatsApp: +2347065562303

Facebook: The Learnaholics Academy

Twitter/Instagram: @tla_africa

Email: admissions@thelearnaholicsacademy.org



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Why Business Development?

Small enterprise owners, corporate executives, managers in virtually any company and even officials in the public sector can often benefit from more advanced business development training, as the relevant lessons involved can go a long way in stimulating continued performance improvements across new and existing operations. However, business development training is most commonly delivered from the outset of an entrepreneur’s new venture and not again, defying the fact that the best practices involved are constantly changing.

In the end, the truth of the matter is that all different forms of leadership development and entrepreneurial skills training can have profoundly positive impacts on a company, especially when more employees are getting involved, such as lower-ranking managers and supervisors. This boosts not only the company’s internal knowledge of how to run a business effectively and grow in a healthy fashion, but also its symmetry as an organization.

Why Employability Skills?

Studying at university can give you an advantage in your future career. For a start, you’ll be able to apply to jobs which specify that you must be a graduate, and the subject you studied or the grade you achieved may be relevant to some employers. However, even if you have a first-class degree and a relevant subject for the career you want, you will most likely be competing against others who have the same or similar academic qualifications. .

Therefore, it’s your employability, the unique mix of skills, abilities and personal qualities that you have, that will make you stand out from the crowd. Employability is not just about getting a job, it is about a broader set of skills and attributes that will enable a graduate to be successful throughout their working life.

Why Financial Intelligence?

“People with low financial literacy standards are often unable to take their ideas and create assets out of them.” –  Robert Kiyosaki

African Graduates must therefore begin to analyze their daily activities from a Financial Mindset with a view to optimize the basic assets that are common to all: Time, Talent & Treasure!