Women In Leadership

Through this comprehensive course, you will explore the multifaceted landscape of women in leadership. From understanding historical challenges to navigating biases and stereotypes, building confidence and resilience, achieving work-life integration, and mastering mentorship and advocacy, this course empowers participants to break barriers and lead change. Join us to foster empowered and effective women leaders across all sectors, contributing to a more equitable and inclusive future.

58 Enrolled 4.9 (18) All Levels


  • Language of teaching for this course is English. This means that all communication during lectures will be in English, and all literature and auxiliary materials are in English.
  • You can use the translation widget on this website to translate course content into your preferred language.
  • The course is subject to evaluation. At the end of the course, students are to participate in the final assessment and score up to 70% to qualify for certification.
  • Students can retake assessment three times only.

What Will I Learn?

  • Understand the historical context and challenges of women in leadership.
  • Unpack and confront gender biases and stereotypes in leadership.
  • Develop strategies to enhance leadership confidence and resilience.
  • Navigate the complexities of work-life integration for women leaders.
  • Cultivate effective mentorship, networking, and advocacy skills.
  • Empower yourself and others through self-advocacy and support.
  • Learn how to break barriers and drive transformative change in leadership roles.
  • Contribute to a more equitable and inclusive future through empowered leadership.

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