Certified Events Manager (CEM)

The purpose of this course is to enable the students to acquire a general knowledge about the “event management” and to become familiar with management techniques and strategies required for successful planning, promotion, implementation and evaluation of special events with a special focus on case studies of the events in Africa in recently years.

2 Enrolled 5.0 (2) All Levels


  • Language of teaching for this course is English. This means that all communication during lectures will be in English, and all literature and auxiliary materials are in English.
  • You can use the translation widget on this website to translate course content into your preferred language.
  • The course is subject to evaluation. At the end of the course, students are to participate in the final assessment and score up to 70% to qualify for certification.
  • Students can retake assessment three times only.

What Will I Learn?

  • 1. To acquire an understanding of the role and purpose(s) of special events in the organizations.
  • 2. To acquire an understanding of the techniques and strategies required to plan successful special events.
  • 3. To acquire the knowledge and competencies required to promote, implement and conduct special events.
  • 4. To acquire the knowledge and competencies required to assess the quality and success of special events.
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