• Is The Learnaholics Academy's courses free?

    We offer free and premium courses. You can go through the course catalogue to make your choice. However, we provide scholarship programs periodically.

  • Is The Learnaholics Academy's certificate verifable?

    Every certificate comes with a QR Code that can be scanned for authencity. Alternatively, our certificate can be verified manually by writing to verify@thelearnaholicsacademy.org.

  • Can I get employment with TLA certificate?

    In as much as we give effecient professional training, we give no affirmation that our certificate will be a key player in the labour market.

    While our certificate upgrades your resume, it is pertinent to know that your competency determines your next job opportunity.

  • Does TLA take physical classes?

    Yes. Our physical classes are held in some part across Nigeria. We are looking forward to expanding our physical classes outside the shores of Nigeria.

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